Why Are the World's Athletes Smiling?

The Gadi's Lip Balm Ring

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You have the wind in your hair, the sun shining on your face, and fast paced action taking our breath away. Who has time for a tube?

Gadi's popular Lip Balm Ring is a product that will allow you to stop fumbling for your tube of balm. Instead it allows you to wear your lip balm on your finger or over sports gloves as a ring.

Now you can easily apply your lip balm hands free mid game or slope. No need to search for a tube, unscrew a cap, or dip your fingers into a jar. Just bring the easy glide applicator of Gadi's Lip Balm Ring to your lips and enjoy instant protection and relief. No need to stop the action!

Gadi's Lip Balm Ring is specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate fit, comfort, and convenience. It is crafted with high quality materials and 100% natural ingredients, to provide you with superior lip protection and moisture.

Great for men and women of all ages who enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, jogging, skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, golfing, volleyball, soccer, surfing, sailing , and more.

Gadi's handy Lip Balm Ring: no tubes, no caps, no sticky fingers. No time wasted!

Great for Bike Riding

Gadi's Lip Balm Ring

Great for Snow Skiing

About Us

gadis logo smallGadi's is a creative solutions company that seeks to improve people's lives with innovative products that enhance daily living.

Our team's mission is to create, design, and patent unique innovative products that enrich and provide solutions to enhance lives. Our designers work tirelessly to ensure that they create innovate products that meet our high level of standards. They take get pride in the excellence of their work.

All of Gadi's products are original patented designs that cannot be found elsewhere.

“ Gadi's is preparing to launch a host of exciting and innovative products that are sure to become trendsetters ”

The Lip Balm Ring, a Gadi's product set to hit shelves near you is sure to become a must have item for active men and women of all ages who enjoy the great outdoors.

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